Path to Inner Knowing

How do you unlock your inner knowing and creative nature?  Wonder why some seem to have an endless supply of creative ideas, thinking outside the box?  While others face repeated obstacles where inspiration feels like it never gets through.

What’s the difference? Why does one person have a steady stream of ideas pouring through them and another appears to be without any?

What is Knowing?

True intuitive knowing is sensory not verbal. It is felt within.  Recognized as felt sense or gut instincts. We all have followed through on a gut feeling. This instinct plays a major role in our day-to-day lives. It’s a primal, unconscious feeling — a living intelligence within us driving us to act without knowing why or how. This intelligence is clear with no attachment to any outcome.

What Blocks Knowing?

Inner knowing is part of who you are. Fear and anxiety prove lethal to creativity, imagination, and knowingness. Fear initiates an automatic shutdown.  Obstructions happen anytime: activated by childhood experiences, old negative beliefs; activated by current life events all result in the supressing any creative growth.

  • Choose a situation where you’re torn between 2 choices. Slow Down. Take a deep breath. Hold each option in your awareness. Pay attention to your physical body.
  • Any tightness, constriction, a gripping in your belly? A warmth, softening, or expansiveness. Pleasant? Unpleasant? You may not get a clear answer right away, but keep going back to your body holding the question… you’ll develop a sense of what is right for you.

True Knowing? Reaction? Desire?

We may have a judgment or reaction to a person or situation and try to predict the outcome. This is not true inner knowing. Yes, it may feel like a gut reaction but it’s really built on fears, insecurities, and old hurts. Sometimes we get the wrong idea that this is our inner knowing speaking to us because it arrives in our minds so quickly.  

How to tell the difference between inner knowing and wishful thinking? Recognize something is off. As we realize there is something more to us and look below the surface, that is starting to align with our inner knowing.  

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  • Write a description of your life. Take 10 minutes. No editing, no judgments just a flow of consciousness. Read it and find every word that conveys a painful or scary undertone. Language has power and a consciousness to create. Good or Bad. 
  • Hold the intention of connecting with your inner knowing and for every word that is stressful and substitute something uplifting, liberating, calming (e.g., uncertain to open, angry to calm, anxious to relaxed). As you change the words your inner voice begins to soften and clarity and peace emerge from a direct connection with your inner knowing and the wisdom it holds.

Assimilate and Integrate

We are spiritual and human beings and part of our journey is to discover how to integrate and allow both parts of our nature to co-exist within our system. With practice we can shift from our head space into the mystical nature of our inner knowing. Allowing ourselves to enter into the important inner knowing territory that is our heart. We breathe into our inner knowing inviting our deeper self to connect its breath to our own and guide our decisions with wisdom.

Inner wisdom is always calm
not fearful or loud.

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