Discharging Spiritual Attachments and Negative Entities

Depending on where your consciousness is,
this will marshal your experience with spiritual attachments.

Thoughts manifest more quickly now than decades ago with vibration speeding up.  This allows us to create, integrate and change things faster than those who came before.


Certainly there is fear. Our initial step in dealing with this unease is to address the lack of knowledge.  Who or what are they?  What happens when they attach?  How can I protect myself? Good questions, all.

When we pose the questions as to whether we have spiritual attachments or negative entities: we inadvertently leave the door ajar for them to enter in.

Sadly, if we’re in a vulnerable state they can attach. Depending on the consciousness level of the attachment you may rid of it yourself similarly to ridding yourself of fleas.  At other times you need to get outside help because you’ve gotten trapped.


There are different causes, but at an elementary level it’s an energy that is not yours that has become attached in your energy field.

It could be a negative entity, trickster or spirit that has died but has not passed on to the next level. These are parasitic energies looking for a host.  Someone who unknowingly lets them hitchhike on their life force:  feeds them and gives them shelter.


Why were you targeted? These energies prey on weakness.  If depressed, physically ill, not at optimum emotional or physical health this is when they pounce.  There could also be a leak, opening or vulnerability in your energy field.

There are several options: raising your vibration above the level of these beings by holding that intention.

If this doesn’t clear the negative energy, what about an invocation or prayer? Or an affirmation or mantra:  ‘you are clear and free of all negative entities. thought forms, and programs adversely impacting you.’  This needs to be performed in a grounded, sincere way.

Outside Help

Sometimes we all need a little assistance.  It’s about developing our listening skills to know when we need help. The density of the energy or our state of emotional, physical, spiritual health is out of balance.

It’s always wise to get help when we haven’t yet developed the skillset to resolve the problem on our own. Myopic vision and fatigue leave us running in place and getting nowhere.  This part of the work can be deceptive. So take care with attachments clogging up your natural knowingness they won’t want you to get help and eliminate them.

Feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually drained. You can’t put your finger on it but something is out of order.  These signals are an alert, you may have been ambushed especially if cut off from your usual knowingness and clarity.

If you are feeling grounded, healthy and happy enough to deal with the energies, congratulations, job well done.

Knowledge is power

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