Aligning to Higher Self

A practice to foster and strengthen your alignment to Higher Self
and deepen your point of connection allowing it to be
Clear, Focused and Flowing.

Stillness and Intention

Find a calm place to sit quietly and set an intention to connect with Higher Self.  Start by doing some conscious breathing as you settle yourself and get comfortable.  Silence is an essential element in your connection with that divine part of you.  It’s best to be in a place with few distractions.

This practice is about setting aside time and intention to deepen and build your relationship with your Divine or Higher Self.  Key here is to do the practice.  If you feel you haven’t made contact that’s alright, it’s more about building the relationship.

In the beginning the mind may play with you trying to distract.  Don’t go into battle: the intention you set is all you need to make contact and receive guidance.

Higher Self always responds, you’re just learning how to listen and how to receive

Set aside short periods, maybe five minutes at the beginning of the day or perhaps even 60 seconds a few times a day: you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this.

It’s all about nurturing and strengthening your connection and your ability to recognize that calmness and inner peace that comes as you make contact.


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