Conscious Listening… From the Heart

Listening seems pretty simple and most of us move through our day continually engaging in conversations with family, friends and co-workers. It’s the foundation of any healthy relationship. But are we really listening?  Daily we find ourselves distracted by cell phones, other people talking or even our own thoughts and feelings. Although we think that we are listening, in reality we may not be giving our full attention.


To consciously listen is to pay attention to both our inner and outer landscapes. That is about me and how I am listening to you, how you are listening to me, then what happens in the space between us.

Can you tune into yourself? Are you grounded? Notice what’s happening in your body, your thoughts. Can you be present without trying to judge or control? Let go and simply listen with compassion, stay present, curious and open. With conscious listening this allows you to be mindful and to respond rather than go into an automatic reaction.

It’s very important that if we get triggered by what we’ve heard, we own it. You could do a check in with yourself to see if you’re open and able to listen to the other person; remembering if you are triggered this is about you, and not the other person.

Space Between

The space between us is also called the relational field: the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual connection that is established in the space between us. This is not an empty space; it contains a great deal of information. Every nuance, word, tone, look impacts the relational field created. When we feel heard and accepted, the space between feels safe and this field is filled with comfort, ease and love: it is healing. If there is judgment, it can feel tense, narrow, or heavy… bottlenecked.

Get to know your own inner space. So that when you feel into the ‘space between’, you can recognize yourself and what it’s like to energetically feel yourself. This will give you a point of reference for what is you and awareness for what is happening in your own inner space. Your system can feel the energy of the ‘other’ resonating through so you can feel into this quality and just be a receiver as the listener.

It’s important to get to know the space between as there is so much vibrational and energetic information that passes. Now, how does the field feel when both of you are there? Can you energetically sense when the other shuts down… does it change the quality of the field?

Presence and Silence

Conscious listening means listening from your heart. It grows out of the silence. There is immense power in silence when we can listen to one another.

It’s a very specific type of silence I am talking about. Not the silence that is hard, critical, indifferent or withdrawn. It is silence that is holding, accepting of who and where you are and that you can rest on. A safe haven.

We all crave even unknowingly for this silence that has so much presence. This silence can unite us with one another in a deeper way than using mere words.

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