Conscious Breath

From the moment we’re born we take a  breath.  Breathing is essential to our life force.   Along with food, sleep, and sunshine breathing is a major source of etheric vitality necessary for a healthy life.  As fundamental as breathing is we seem to gravitate towards a place of trying to control or hold our breath, or shallow breathing when in a space of anxiety or fear.

Any development exercise or meditation will benefit from conscious breathing.   When you start to practice conscious breathing, you free your mind of body discomforts and distractions.

Soon you may discover that conscious breathing begins to enter your ordinary conscious mind states / non meditative states.   By relearning how to breathe, you enjoy increased stores of etheric vitality for yourself and for others in need.

Development Steps

Relax.  Let the concerns of the day drop away.  Forget any worry from the past any thoughts of the future.  Free the mind and the body from action and distraction.  Take a calm, peaceful breath in as you inhale and exhale slowly and completely.

Inhale through your nose and hold for three counts.  On the first count fill the belly,  on the second fill your midsection or trunk and on the third fill your chest fully.

Exhale slowly through the mouth starting at the belly and moving up until your lungs are empty.  Repeat this process until it becomes natural and effortless.

Once comfortable with the 3:3 count, then try a 4:4 count where you divide the torso into sections always begin with the belly and end with the chest.  Exhaling in the same sequence.

In time your lungs become accustomed to the work.  You may want to try six in and six out.  Each of us will find the appropriate count that suits us.   This starts to lay a foundation for other developmental exercises as you gain conscious control over your breathing.

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