Conscious Blessings

Like others on the spiritual path early on I understood we had the ability to give blessings, but it all tended to stay a little vague.

It required a shift in awareness to embrace that it is possible to summon blessings through intention, invocation, and meditation to recognize my own innate ability to offer up effective blessings.

Entitled to Activate

Historically we observed that select individuals were authorized to give blessings. Some designated by wisdom, spiritual practices or even birth.

The actuality that all people can give blessings is a modern concept and requires the shedding away of layers of outdated beliefs and rules regarding what true spiritual and mystical power is. Anyone can give a blessing.  You don’t need to have special knowledge or training.  The capacity to bless is inherent in all.


Guiding Ideologies

Blessing is a heart-energy intention directed towards others. The only requirement being a loving heart with the conscious sincere intent to help another.  To take it to another level: centre yourself in your heart and hold a willingness to link yourself and the recipient into a larger collective of life.

The heart connection is key.

A positive thought alone coming from the mental level albeit  benevolent, does not transmit the same potency. When a thought is without a feeling behind it energetically, there is not much muscle to drive it forward. When you connect to the heart you are connecting to a powerful electromagnetic field.

Research shows the heart’s electrical field is 60 times greater than the electrical activity generated by the brain.  The magnetic field produced by the heart is 5,000 greater in strength than the field generated by the brain.

The more directed and heart connected the blessing, the greater its impact.  This has the power to free our own hearts from attachments of negativity, sorrow or heartache.  It’s all dependent on the energy, clarity and intention behind the blessing.

If we remember that we can offer up sincere blessings and align ourselves with higher vibrational energies, we can influence and become the powerful beings we imagine ourselves to be. It’s a power that can grow by developing our heart connection.


We have all experienced people or situations running the gamut from irritating all the way up to unbearable.

Instead of struggling against and creating friction which in turn manifests hidden attractor energy. How about another approach to this conflict?

Rather than going into battle, and am talking metaphorically, what would it be like to sincerely offer energetic blessings to them.


When I find myself struggling with a person or circumstance that I am in conflict with instead of engaging in a battle of wills , I stop to take a pause, even when it has deeply wounded me.

Then I attempt to refocus to see that I am only adding energy to the situation. To change the story and the outcome, I put down my weapons and armour and allow myself to make a sincere effort to energetically offer up a blessing.

Each time an angry destructive or negative thought of that individual occurs I stop and send out a blessing to them.

If I want to move past the conflict and pain to repair the relationship or move beyond even if initially there is resistance something shifts and changes the relationship or circumstance.

Each choice to intentionally bless strengthens our capacity to send out creating higher vibrations to restore, heal, repair and uplift. Very liberating force.   

Modes of Blessings

There are different ways of offering up blessings. Here are a couple to consider.

Thoughts or Intentions >

May you be blessed and protected by the universe; May you be happy; May you have health, joy and peace; May you always feel love.

Invocation, Prayer or Ritual > ritual

Light a candle.  Be with your breath.  Breathe in: feel the flame enter your heart.  Breathe out: feel the flame move out into the world to spread grace and blessings.  Bring to mind people in your life and visualize the light from your heart flows to them as blessing. (include people you don’t like) “May they be blessed”

Physical Objects >  

can hold the blessing. A stone, bead, jewelry anything can be infused with the intention of the blessing.

Blessing Food

Even if you have never done it before you can understand and feel fully qualified in changing the energetic vibration of the food to the highest.  It is holding the intention of increasing the vibration in the food.  As always my preference is simplicity so for me it is to hold a thoughtful intention of raising the vibration .

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”  —Meister Eckhardt


Bless everyone you see walking down the street. Notice people you tend to reject. When you feel inner judgement, hold the intention: Blessings, or “May you be happy.”

Bring to mind people, individually or collectively, from different parts of the world. Feel blessings that flow from your heart touch them with gentle light from your heart centre.   Sit for a few minutes in the climate of blessing that you’ve created.

 Meaning of Namaste:

“I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.  I honor the place in you, which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.  When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.”


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