Combatting Fear One Step at a Time

Let’s try an experiment. Think of something that scares you. It doesn’t have to be big, it’s not the size of the fear that matters. It’s your reaction or intensity that it produces.


For each of us it will be a different. Remember, things that initially appear the smallest and most insignificant can hold some of the biggest hidden treasures. Frequently, that can be the best place to start is with something small.

Take a couple of moments and allow something to come to mind. Once you have found something you want to work with, hold it loosely in your awareness. If nothing arises you may have hit an `overwhelmed` spot: hold that even if you cannot name it… it will be there with you. This probably happens on other occasions when you are out in the world living your life.


Notice what happens in your body: any tension, stress or numbness which shows up. Or if something is occurring in your thoughts: negative internal speak, anxiety or thoughts racing about.

Again, if you feel like nothing is happening, I want to assure you that the feeling of nothing is actually `something` very important and I would encourage you to loosely hold that nothing feeling even if it can`t be named. For now, just notice and acknowledge that something may have become activated.


Activating the limbic system fight or flight pattern plays out in your life through behaviours like avoidance, anxiety, and depression. What you might have thought of as inconsequential is actually creating inner conflict and anxiety. Why allow that to leak out your life energy and vitality?

One strategy to work with fear is through the breath. Once fear is activated it cuts off your breath and freezes your life force and your thinking abilities to the point where you unconsciously hold yourself in a survival pattern. So use your breath as a compass to map your way back to yourself; know that even if you are activated you can always find your way back.


Finding your breath and that sweet spot you can rest on

Your feet firmly on the floor feel the floor and earth beneath supporting and holding you. Then lightly place your awareness on the breath. Slowly breathe in and out just notice what happens in your body, cells down to the deepest molecular level. There is a suspension of tension and the arrival of calmness gently coming in.

As your breath allows in calmness and evenness your entire system starts to calm down and this allows a shift. This can be very subtle. This is all about allowing a space of peacefulness. It’s not doing anything it is allowing beingness in for you to rest on one of the sweetest spots there for you in this moment.

Vooooo: sounding to ground solidly and find your centre

Your feet on the floor. Sound out Vooooooo. As you sound hold it for what feels natural and then release. The more you tone Vooooooooo will help you drop more and more into your body and the Vooooo sound will deepen….Keep repeating…

We’re eventually after a deep tugboat kind of sound. It can clear your head and ground you solidly. Anytime we use sound the vibration of that sound can help to clear your energy centers and energy field.

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