Celebrate Life

It has been a remarkable year. Things getting blown apart in this always shifting world. There are over 7 billion people on this planet existing and co-creating together. We have seen radical change enter our lives through Covid, social and environmental turmoil. This has shown how interconnected we truly are. We each have a part to play. How do we find our way forward?

What vs How? Focus on WHAT you want before you think about HOW to do it. Allow yourself to direct energy on what you genuinely want to create in the world. This will organically bring energy into the how. What encompasses identity, essence or existence. How is about the journey, approach or technique.

Knowing what. Knowing how.

Life on hold? People put off living the life they want for many reasons. Perhaps we hold a list of things we want to have before we’re ready for the thing we really want. Cast off self-imposed restrictions. It’s impossible to change the past, but you can choose how you live now. Uncover what’s holding you back.

Let go. Re-enter the flow.

What if? Some invest endless time replaying past moments or planning too much for the future missing out on the present moment. Instead of thinking about the things that can’t be changed, redirect your attention to the things that you can act on.

What’s next? Opening to the possibilities.

Learning. Keep in mind learning is a journey, never a destination. Become a lifelong learner. There are always things to learn from what you experience. Learning is about relationships: how we connect with people and the world around us. It nurtures creativity, leadership, critical thinking, curiosity, and shifts consciousness.

Challenge yourself. Leave your comfort zone.

Practice gratitude. Set aside some time each day. It’s been a challenging year with many losses: both big and small. Each of us will have a different version. True gratitude doesn’t invalidate how you’re feeling. It does include sadness, fear, and confusion. Pretending we are grateful when we are not will only serve to bury our feelings. Try to keep your gratitude authentic. Appreciate little things: a sunny day, friends, your breath. True gratitude has the power to change your perceptions.

Allow more. Receive more.

Be true to who you are. Get to know your true self. Stop conforming to please others. Not knowing who you are makes it difficult to go after what you want in life. Stop avoiding yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Give yourself permission to show up. Start exploring the uniqueness that makes up you. Learn to see and trust your intuition and inner wisdom.

More you. More Freedom.

The Adventure

Life wants to be lived. Celebrate it. Choose how you want to live your life. Life doesn’t happen by moving backwards. We are designed for forward motion. Each day is a new start. Make wise choices. Be compassionate. Live with kindness. You will make the world a better place. There is so much to be experienced, and so much we do not yet know.

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