Connecting with Higher Self

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something bigger inside trying to come forward? Do you know the solution to a problem in your life but it remains outside your grasp? You don’t know how to access it. Don’t you realize that within yourself you possess the access to extraordinary capacities and knowledge?

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Aligning to Higher Self

A practice to foster and strengthen your alignment to Higher Selfand deepen your point of connection allowing it to beClear, Focused and Flowing. Stillness and Intention Find a calm place to sit quietly and set an intention to connect with Higher Self. Start by doing some conscious breathing as you settle yourself and get comfortable.

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Gratitude on the Rise

Gratitude for the peace there is Gratitude for the peace that will come And for the peace that can be In us.Others.The Planet. AUDIO:  COME INTO THE CIRCLE Guidance for Life Transitionsand Achieving Potential…     Book your Zoom or Phone session | 416 732 [email protected]

Mudras Invite Illumination

Mudras have been around for thousands of years and although the absolute origin is unknown they have appeared in different traditions and religions through the ages. Mudra a Sanskrit word meaning seal or symbol.  A gesture or hand position that locks and guides the energy flow and reflexes to the brain.  When used in meditation or

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Conscious Blessings

Blessing is a heart-energy intention directed towards others. The only requirement being a loving heart with the conscious sincere intent to help another.  To take it to another level: centre yourself in your heart and hold a willingness to link yourself and the recipient into a larger collective of life. The Heart connection is Key. A

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