Believe in the Unbelievable

When we are little most of us have the capacity to hold our belief in the most wondrous things imaginable. Some may call it magic or just the breathtaking moments of natural wonder that can appear in life. We don’t need to do an audit to figure out if this is real: or did I make it up. Our trust is clear.

We know what feels right and what doesn’t

Sometimes its the little ones who have the clearest vision of all. As we begin to transition into more adult stages of life, our vision can become compartmentalized. For a variety of reasons we have had to disconnect from our discernment and what is real and true for us.


A shamanic teacher once said something I have never forgotten: Never take anyone`s word on whether something can be done or not. The only one who will know if that is true is YOU.That was transforming and created part of my philosophy on how I approach life.


If someone tells you something is impossible. Can’t be done. How do you know that’s true?  Maybe it’s not.


The only sure-fire way to know if something can be created is see for yourself. Other’s experience is not your experience. Their opinion may not match your opinion. It all may be tangled up in their own limitations of what is possible. Their own fears.

Why would you adopt someone else’s fears or limitations as your own? More than likely you wouldn’t, if you stopped and thought about it. Sometimes we accept things because others say they’re true. But is it your truth?

What I know

I have come across many fear-based limiting thoughts about what is possible or not.  An example is when working metaphysically, spiritually or energetically there is a lot of misinformation, fear-based thinking or superstitions that I simply won’t buy into.

That is not my truth. I do follow universal laws because that is what guides us all. However, just because someone says something can’t be done I won’t blindly follow. I follow my own inner voice and compass about what is possible.

Know for Yourself

See for Yourself



Energetic Practice:
Intuitive Seeing for Yourself

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