Authentic Intuition

Over the last few decades energy and vibration have started increasing and so has interest in the study of intuitive, spirituality and meditation.  It’s gradually crept in and, while not yet mainstream, many are curious about the power and potential of this state of awareness. 

Humans are evolving and consciousness is expanding, and so is the range of our intuitive abilities.  Once looked at with wonder and awe, it is now understood as a natural and innate state. The energy has begun stirring those sensitive to this vibration.

We will see more and more people awakening to this phenomenon. As we are able to tolerate higher and higher frequencies, we reclaim the ability to hold this state naturally and expand our own abilities.

Natural Ability

There are those who still think of this as a gift that select individuals have. Others understand that this is a natural inherited state of being for everyone.  It’s not a gift.  We’re all hardwired this way.  We have it from the very start of life, although some are born with it a little more developed

What if from birth we were taught that when our body reacts we pay attention?  Interesting concept: our physical bodies are key instruments of our sensory systems and have a wealth of information to share if we know how to listen to it.  Regrettably most remain uneducated about the intelligence that lies within our cells and this remains an untapped resource.


Is there a way to avoid the pitfall of wishful thinking and projections from contaminating the intelligence you are accessing?  True intuition is calm.  It simply is.  No shouting.  Never competes to be heard.  In order to avoid contamination, we start with the basic philosophy which is to launch from a solid, grounded place.


The truth of life is easy to miss. Authentic intuition whispers.  Often we are too busy looking for the enormous and fail to listen to the quiet.  Locked into pursuing the rockets of fireworks; we may be oblivious to the soft voice that sneaks up from behind and taps us on the shoulder.


When intuitive knowing is embodied, you are connecting through a clear body and mind. That is where the golden threads of authentic intuition insight are.  One method of opening an embodied link is to take a breath and allow a moment of silence to align with your centre core and your intention.

  • Bring your focus back to your physical body placing and sensing your feet on the floor connecting to the ground below.  Next, feel the bottom of your spine and visualize a steel pole dropping down from your spine connecting you into the earth below.

Eventually, other ways develop. The key is to include a way to ground your physical body while holding an intention.  Both are fundamental components.


Intuition is like an invocation connecting you to the wisdom of your soul.  Instead of controlling and forming around lesser principles, pull yourself up and align to the clarity that lives in your heart and soul.    That is where the authenticity and truth lives.

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