Ancestor and Transgenerational Survivor’s Guilt

You don’t have to lose a loved one to a tragic and unnecessary death in order to suffer survivor’s guilt. This guilt is a blueprint for chronic unhappiness. You feel guilty about being happy with your fate in life. It may or may not be brought on by experiencing a tragic loss of a parent or surrogate parent.

Or if it has happened in your family in past generations, and family members go through life with many blessings but unable to derive joy, meaning and happiness from them. They do not feel entitled to enjoy them. They are doing no better than surviving.

What Goes Wrong?

There’s been a transmission of survivor guilt handed down from one generation to the next. For some feeling pain and misery becomes their identity with a sense that they have no choice but to suffer if they are even to experience a temporary break from feeling guilty and experience some degree of happiness.

Many of us appear to be born into a sense of sadness, guilt, shame, anger, isolation, suicidal tendencies, or any other baggage which we continue to carry, but are not personally ours but rather part of our family system.

It can be through dysfunction which occur when tragedies, exclusions and denials take place in families.  This causes disorder and blocks the natural flow of love and forms alliances that are largely unconscious which are often felt as burdens. This is part of how dysfunctional dynamics are passed on through generations.

Often one individual in the present generation is unconsciously identifying with the dysfunctional ‘unresolved’ energy of an ancestor even though they may not know the person or even the family history.


Unresolved guilt, whether actual, perceived or inherited, can result in a multitude of problems including negative responses from others, and troubled relationships. Guilt immobilizes.  It can hinder or prevent well-being.

Guilt can undermine relationships or affect the kinds of relationships you attract to yourself. It can keep you “stuck”.  The attitude and demeanor of guilt may trigger reactions such as anger, punishment, or victimization. Guilt punishes.

Breaking the Chain

Observing  the ancestor field and as it unfolds new possibilities as possible solutions. When we have a resolution within the family soul it allows you to gain the freedom and autonomy to live your life with more freedom and choice, so that you may face the world with more strength and optimism.

We are all connected and that each one of us is a soul within the family soul and that exists within the larger cultural soul and that exists within the soul of humanity.

We are all connected and we are not alone.

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