Align with the Energy of Grace

Grace is an energetic force that travels through our entire universe. Grace is everywhere. It is an intrinsic part of consciousness. An energy that is within every molecule in the universe.


To start with we may hold vague ideas or misconceptions about what grace is. Some may be attached to religious or spiritual teachings. Or what was passed on by transgenerational beliefs. Limited by these interpretations you miss out on more fully accessing this magnificent force that is here and available. It is part of the simple universal order of how energy works.

First Principles

Reawaken the ‘knowhow’ to align ourselves with that force of grace running through every energetic atom making up our world. Then, we align with higher frequencies becoming part of the energetic network driving this power of grace. As we come to understand and develop a relationship with this energy and how it works, we can employ and engage with it allowing us to draw the grace particles out of the energy around us.


Grace is a dynamic energy at work in the universe. Acquainting ourselves with the basics will change how we think about everything opening a higher level of energy and vibration.

Energy is information and Information is energy.


I love the Sufis teachings it is such a heart- focused tradition. A primary philosophy tells us a principle for refining consciousness. This reveals practices to develop an alignment with grace to guide and direct it into the planet. Sufis believe all sentient beings can create conscious bridges between the universe and earth.

Heart connection is one of the elements of opening to grace which allows us to access grace through intention and heartness.


Dignity originating from the Latin word ‘dignus’ meaning worth is not used enough these days but this forgotten element has the power to open gateways into accessing more of the grace energy. Holding the thought immediately shifts the energy. Dignity supports our individuality while highlighting our connection to each other. Imagine if we recognized or remembered the value and worth of each of us.


Respect cannot be forced or demanded it is earned through our actions. You know respect when you experience it. A simple way of showing respect is to listen to someone without interrupting.

Self-respect is a necessary component in order to be respectful of others. Growing up in a healthy family who encouraged and supported you demonstrates respect among individuals. An unhealthy family situation where you are demeaned or belittled leads to lack of respect or self-respect.Most of us understand respect. First practice self-care as a way of expanding self-respect. Then practice releasing control and judgment. Stop meddling: allow others to make their own decisions. See what happens.


To access more of the grace energy welcome Heartness + Dignity + Respect. This creates an opening to absorb more grace energy. Do this mindfully. This raises you to tolerate the higher vibration. It opens and softens your energy field to receive and assimilate more. The dynamic intelligence of grace will open to you with its inherent possibilities.

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