Connecting with Higher Self

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something bigger inside trying to come forward? Do you know the solution to a problem in your life but it remains outside your grasp? You don’t know how to access it. Don’t you realize that within yourself you possess the access to extraordinary capacities and knowledge?

What is Higher Self

Within different spiritual traditions and belief systems, the Higher Self has been given many names: Atma, Buddha-nature, Christ consciousness, Inner Self, Soul, Divine Nature. However labeled, what all agree on is that Higher Self is eternal, infinitely wise and transcends everyday consciousness. Higher Self is always in touch with the Divine because it is part of it. Each of us has a Higher Self.


The Higher Self is the deepest and most divine essence within us; that aspect of you that connects directly to the spiritual realms.In basic terms your Higher Self is the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in your physical body. This means that you are not merely your conscious or subconscious awareness; beyond anything you can know simply through ordinary rational thought. Higher Self sees, knows and understands at the highest level possible. Anchoring the wisdom of the Higher Self into your physicality is part of our spiritual evolution.


Even knowing this, many of us struggle to connect with and develop an ongoing relationship with our Higher Self. We may understand the concept intellectually but are mystified at how to translate it from idea to feeling to an actual experience. Some fundamental principles:

  • You are always connected to your Higher Self
  • Higher Self is never negative, loud, frantic or demanding
  • It always upholds freewill and will never override any choice that we make

Deepening Connection

How you connect will be different for each of us. The key is to start with stillness… this is the invitation that opens the door.

It may be through meditation, dreams, a walk in nature, even a near death experience, trauma or out of body experience. For others it may be as simple as driving a car or taking a long, hot bath. It’s an uplifting experience when you connect and is unique for each. As you connect you’re uplifted and feel more peace and contentment


The search for love, peace and happiness is universal. We’ve all experienced it. Connecting with Higher Self allows you to stop running in place and begin to experience and journey toward your own conscious spiritual evolution. Higher Self is always with you. You have the access you need to live an empowered, good, and purposeful life: to meet the world with heartness with all that brings.­

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