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This page shares some of my best articles from both of my websites… Inner Alchemy my blog and also Awakening Heart and Soul from my library to read on topics like love, intuition, creativity, spirituality and more.  

The central question that drives my work is, “How can we live better?”

To explore that question, I  write about consciousness raising and inspirational ways to experience life…  check back from time-to-time as …….


Inner Alchemy 

Intuitive Knowing
Love and How we Make Connections
Our Shadow Self: Balancing the Light and the Dark
Somatic Experiencing: Healing Early Imprints and Trauma
Boundaries: What are They and How Do I Create Them
Transgenerational Brainwashing and Manipulation


Awakening Heart and Soul 

Intuitive Thinking…..

under construction…..  thanks for your patience

Karen’s other website Awakening Heart and Soul where you can learn more about her services and read her extensive library of articles: